Our KSEN/K96 Bozeman Trophy Athlete of the Week was a Choteau Volleyball player who doesn't always show up on the stat sheet but was certainly noticed by her teammates and opponents alike for her effort in keeping a play alive.

It's true that Tessa Brownell did lead the team in assists with 18 against Colstrip and 18 Bigfork, and also led the team in digs against Bigfork with 19 and Townsend with 12.

But there is no statistic for... We thought the point was over, BUT. And since I don't keep that statistic, I Can't tell you how many times a pass went into the net, only to have Tessa Dig it out and either play it to a teammate or over the net. How many times an attack was blocked, only to see the ball back in the air. Or the other team's attack looked like it was a sure kill, but number one came in to cover the angle and make a good pass.

While there were a lot of Choteau players that made plays, Tessa made some pivotal, positive plays that didn't necessarily win points, but they didn't lose the point because of the Jr. setter.

And with that, I'm giving Tess Brownell this week's KSEN-KZIN Athlete of the week honor, and two free value meals from McDonald's of Cut Bank.

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