I'll be BACK at the Marias Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) to read "Montana History". I love the book that we're currently enjoying...it's "My Home's In Montana" by Fort Benton native Kareen Bratt. This saga begins around the time of the United States entering into World War 2 & it's a beautiful presentation of growing up on a Montana wheat ranch in Choteau County. So many good memories for those of us in my age group. Many of these memories & events I had forgotten all about, such as buying a "block/bag" of "white" margarine with the little red colored food dot in the bag & kneading the bag until it became "yellow" like the "real", more expensive butter. Who could afford real butter in those days. This takes place BEFORE television back when we all listened to the radio on Sunday afternoons/evenings to catch the latest episodes of "Our Miss Brooks", Jack Beny &,Amos & Andy. The ol' Kingfish DID seem to have most of the answers! Karen Bratt weaves quite a tale of what it was like in the good old days & in so many ways, they really were "good days". Simpler perhaps, more difficult perhaps, but very special & looking back, better in so many ways compared to today. It's a trip down memory lane & certainly resonates with those of us born here under the Big Sky. See you tonight at 6 at the Heritage for a look back at "Montana History".