I'm always complaining that Shelby doesn't have a traffic light at the end of the viaduct and the mayor, His Worship, the Honorable Mayor Larry. J. Bonderud doesn't seem like he'll ever get us one. After talking with the Gabby Cabby this morning, it's probably the old saw..."don't wish for what you don't have or you might end up getting it". The Gab Man tells me there is (or was) an intersection in The Bronx where the traffic light is remotely controlled by a hidden NYPD cop who "makes it "red" as you go through. Then, he jumps out from behind a tree and gives you a ticket. Pete says the "remote" looks like a TV remote. Now, the first thing that comes to my mind is that Pete got pinched at that intersection and like a lot of us, tends to blame others when it is actually our fault. I guess we'll find out more when I talk with Peter Franklin, the wacky New York City cab driver this afternoon around 4:30, give or take 5 or 10 minutes. Say what you will, the fast talking New Yorker is a virtual fountain of information for a rural Montana kid like myself. He KNOWS the pulse of New York City. Pete also told me that the MTA (check out the Kingston Trio tune) has caved to several costly union demands in their contract talks. It used to be when you killed someone driving the infamous MTA train, you got three days off for your nerves. Now, the union wants three days off if you just "hit someone" on the tracks, you don't necessarily have to kill them. I can't see what all the fuss is about, I've been "killing" my audience for years and I never get additional days off! See you later today (Tuesday) with the Gabby Cabby.