I'm "bound to finish" "Ruth McLaughlin's "Bound Like Grass" this evening (Tuesday) at six when I'm reading Montana History at the Marias Heritage Center. There's only a few pages left of this sorrowful saga from the Western High Plains. Then, if I don't take the gas pipe, I'll commence reading Lenore McKelvey Puhek's (it rhymes with Buick) third and newest book, "Forever Friends". I've said before that this Helena woman is another fine Montana author and this is her third book in a series that features pioneer women. "Forever Friends" traces the journey of two families from Civil War Virginia to Montana Territory 1860 to 1868. There's a picture of the Battle of Bull Run on the cover. Also pictured on the cover is a woman in a long Victorian type dress dancing and being swept off her feet by a man who looks like me! I'm the Puffman. Lenore Puhek has gone and done it again. She is a true story teller indeed. A blurb on the back of the book says, "Wow! You have taken American history and made it intimate and personal...the individuals come alive and their strengths and weaknesses are revealed with each page. You care about them". This blurb concludes by saying, "Well done! You can't leave us here, please tell me there is a sequel". I haven't read the book yet, but I have read her other two Montana books, and if this tome turns out to be half as good, it will be one outstanding book. See you this evening at six at the Heritage Center. There's more good reading ahead. As a concluding thought, if any of you have young kids who are acting up, you might "threaten" them to "straighten up and behave" or you'll send them off to rural Culbertson. (See "Bound Like Grass)