The man's written more than 29 suspense novels and he's the number one international bestselling author. He's Jeffery Deaver and Deaver's my special guest tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. Deaver's newest book "XO" featuring investigator Kathryn Dance just rolled off the Simon & Schuster press's June 12th. In this latest Kathryn Dance mystery, a beautiful country-pop starlet becomes a killer's obsession! Deaver's been on the Puffman Show before and I can't wait to touch base with him tomorrow. And why flock to a new Deaver novel for jaw-dropping plot twists, and once again the master does not disappoint. Packed with chills, thrills, and ingenious surprises, "XO" is Jeffery Deaver at the top of his game. Stand by to win a new hardback copy of "XO" right after my interview by being the first caller in at 434 5241 afternoon on the Puffman Show. And get this, the man has a sense of humor. Last time he was on the air with me, I told him that he looks like a "mean bill collector"! Check out his picture on the inside of the book jacket.