And the NCAA decision came down early this morning (Monday) on Penn State Football's future. This morning harsh ruling (60 million dollar fine, no bowl games for 4 years, scholarships cut, Paterno's winning record ERASED(!), came on the heels of Joe-Pa's statue coming down early yesterday (Sunday) morning. What's next, the Penn State library?! I'm midway through a great read on the Penn State dilemma, "Game Over". One of the expert authors, Bill Moushey, is joining me this afternoon long distance live from Pittsburgh at 4:35. Bill is a Pulitzer-prize nominated investigative journalist who specializes in documenting abuSes of the criminal justice system. Bill's co-author, Bob Dvorcvhak, was a guest several weeks back. These guys have 85 plus on-the-record interviews in "Game Over" and they both spent weeks in State College (Happy Valley), Pennsylvania, conducting interviews, covering hearings and the events surrounding Joe Paterno's death. They interviewed a dozen former Penn State football players, 4 former assistant coaches, 5 members of the Penn State board of trustees and dozens of alums. "Game Over" has been called the most comprehensive book on the Penn State sex abuse scandal and it exposes the hierarchy of lies that enabled assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky (now in the slammer and awaiting sentencing on 45 guilty verdicts) to sexually abuse at-risk young boys for decades. "Game Over" shatters the pristine image of the "Happy Valley" culture of Penn State and reveals a cover-up more extensive and irresponsible than anyone imagined. I'll be giving away a copy of Moushey's book, "Game Over" ON THE AIR immediately following today's interview. Perhaps they should rename "Happy Valley" "Sinking Valley" after this debacle! See you this afternoon at 4:35.