Talking "harvesting" today on the Puffman blog. The custom cutter guys are down in Forsyth as I blog this morning (Wednesday). They were shut down thanks to 3/4 inch of rain on the barley that they are cutting. The first pivot they cut was intended for malt, but had as high as 68% "thins!" That pivot was located on some higher, sandy soil. The pivot they are in currently is making malt, but has 30% "thins". They are hauling the barley from Forsyth to Billings where there's a Coors elevator. The boys have been in Forsyth for about a week and they were the only ones harvesting until a couple of days ago. "Tan" Todd reports that they have to be careful of "green" in some spots and he says the combines have done some sampling in the Billings area. The heat has been described as "brutal" in Forsyth this week with temperatures well over 100 degrees! The guys have harvested a few acres of winter wheat and that yielded 17 bushels per acre with the barley yielding around 85 bushels per acre with 46 pound test weight. It's been a number of years since I was working out in the south 40, but the 17 per acre on the winter wheat makes me a little bit skittish at this point in time. The barley at 85 seems easy enough to live with. That's my Blog-On-Ag for this week.