It's Montana History reading tomorrow (Tuesday) evening up at our beautiful assisted living/retirement facility, the Marias Heritage Center. I'll be reporting to the Sun Room at the Heritage tomorrow night to continue with that book about the lady doctor in the mining camps of Montana back in the 1860's. It's "Pioneer Doctor-The Story of a Woman's Work" (and I don't mean cooking and scrubbing the floors!). She Dr. Mary (Mollie) Babcock Atwater, a woman of medicine who found freedom and opportunity in the wide open spaces of America's frontier west out here in Montana Territory. I assume by the name "Babcock" in her handle, she COULD be related to the Babcock family as one of our former Montana governors was Tim Babcock. We haven't got that far in the book yet, We'll be starting chapter 9 at tomorrow night's reading. It's a great read and certainly an eye opener for this ol' Montana boy. I'm the Puffman. See you tomorrow evening at the Marias Heritage Center as we journey back to the old frontier. What a totally different era it was and it wasn't "easy being easy".