I'm happy to say that we're well into chapter 10 of the book we're currently enjoying up at the Marias Heritage Center Tuesday evenings reading Montana History. What a story of the old Montana west, woman doctors, and strong headed men! "Pioneer Doctor" gets more exciting every week as we explore the life of Dr. Mary (Mollie) Babcock Atwater, a lady doctor in 1860's Montana Territory. Mollie's in Marysville (outside of Helena) now, having moved on from Bannack, Montana. There's a little bit of everything out on the wild and wooly frontier and it's not all good. I mean, a doctor having to operate on a COT because she doesn't have a table! And you thought Obama care was rough! Marie Ostrem, up at the Heritage, will be filling in for me reading Montana History for the next couple of weeks and Marie does a great job. And with her educational background, this comes as no surprise. Thank you Marie and I'll see you all at the Heritage Center in a couple of weeks.