I'm a big time fan of "true crime", having read numerous true crime books along with having watched 792 re-runs of Law and Order. One of the best true crime stories I ever read recently is Kathryn Casey's "Shattered". Kathryn's a great crime writer, having appeared on Oprah, Court TV, Biography, Nancy Grace, and A & E among others. She's joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show to talk about her page turner "Shattered" and also her newest book set for release the end of this month, "Deadly Little Secrets". As I mentioned, this woman is a great true crime writer and she's written for Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Reader's Digest, Ladies' Home Journal and many other publications. If you're into true crime like I am, you know who Ann Rule is and Ann calls Kathryn "one of the best in the true crime genre". I'm going to find out how to pronounce the word "genre" before this afternoon and get ready to welcome Kathryn Casey to my program. I would suggest you check out "Shattered". It parallels the infamous Scott Peterson case and there's also, what I would like to call, an "athletic/sports connection" in there that's similar to some of the shenanigans going on at Penn State. I guarantee you, if you're like me, once you pick up "Shattered", you won't want to stop reading and you'll be bummed when you're done and there's no more book to read! See you this afternoon on the Puffman Show.