I received a report this morning that the custom cutter guys are basking in the 106 degree heat out in Kansas. They finished some wheat at Sharon Springs and it averaged 40 bushels (dry land) with 63-64 test-weight. Yesterday (Tuesday), the mercury hit 104 degrees, today it's back down into the 90's for Kansas and her crops. The grain there has lodged and the straw is green so sometimes "it ain't easy being easy". North of Highway 96, the grain is GOOD and south of Highway 86, it is bad; as low as 12 bushels per acre, depending on the farming practices the previous years. Some of the dry land around Leoti has run as high as 60 bushels per acre and that is certainly nothing to sneeze at...unless you have some kind of allergy to wheat/grain! These custom guys that I try to stay in contact with have about 4 days left in Kansas and then it's on to the mile high city of Denver. Some harvesting has been tried there and the fellows are anticipating 30 bushels crops there as their 101 temperatures have hurt the yields. Won't be long (seriously) before we're talking "harvest" up here in the Golden Triangle.