I'm ready to take a road trip over to Glacier & ride one of those red jammers! I'm also ready to head up to the Marias Heritage Center this evening (Tuesday) to read more "Montana History" as we continue with our book, "Glacier From the Inside Out". I have to tell you, the past couple of Tuesdays at the Heritage, when the clock chimed 7 PM & our "Montana History" reading for the evening was over, I was literally amazed how fast the time flewt by. This colorful collection of stories, all 1st-persons accounts, covering a century of park history, as told by those who know glorious Glacier best, the" insiders", are truly fascinating, funny, & fantastic! What a colorful collection of tales these "characters" from the past AND present relate. Talk about lessons learned to last a lifetime! We're more than halfway through this read & already I'm bummed that we'll get to the end TOO SOON! See you tonight at 6 in the Sun Room for more armchair traveling as we read "Montana History". "Glacier From the Inside Out-Best stories from The Inside trail" edited by Ray Djuff & Chris Morrison is available from the Glacier Park Foundation, www.glacierparkfoundation.org. I suspect the book MAY be available up at the infamous Izzak Walton Inn in Essex. By the way, some great black & white photographs from years past at the park are in this tome.