You often hear our Shelby mayor, His Worship, The Honorable Dr. Larry J. Bonderud O.D. mention the monthly Shelby recycling meetings at City Hall on Monday evenings at six SHARP! Recycle Shelby has turned out to be a great success thanks to all of you. The Shelby Recycling Association says in one year along, they have kept 22,400 pounds of paper and 1,356 pounds of aluminum/tin out of the landfill. The association wants to do even better in the coming year and reminds offices, businesses, taverns, restaurants and households to remember to recycle. The recycling site is over at Blazer's Fresh Foods not far from where the Puffman writes his blog. I can see it from my front porch! This town seems abuzz with recycling efforts these days and this is good. Albertsons is recycling plastic shopping bags and We Do Re Do accepts aluminum can pull tabs, paint, arts & crafts, household items and clothing. The Cedar Closet accepts clothing and household items not to mention our Toole County Libary accepting used books, videos, book on tape and CD's. Even our high school is involved...Shelby High School and Fieldstone Gallery are accepting ink cartridges for printers and old cell phones. If you've been feeling "down in the dumps lately", the Shelby Landfill also recycles tires and they'll take appliances without Freon. Did you know that recycling one ton of aluminum cans conserves the equivalent of 1,665 gallons of gasoline! Once again a reminder to all to remember, what I call, the "Three R's...Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" and tune in The Mayor Monday mornings at 9 on KSEN. As the mayor might say, "we're recylin', reusin'. and reducin', now we're cruising.