That's what I have always wanted to do! Well, here's the NEXT best thing...there will be Circus FUN tomorrow, Tuesday, here in Shelby. Performances are scheduled at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon & 7 tomorrow evening out at the Shelby Fairgrounds. There is nothing better & more FUN than a circus! Often times, my life as the Puffman seems like a regular circus!! Circus tickets will be available at the gate tomorrow for both the 4:30 & 7 PM performances. Who or what event is your favorite thing at the circus? I would like to hear from you on my Puffman Blog. I USED to enjoy the elephants until I had to ride one some years back in an elephant race & I almost got killed! & I'm being truthful here. I WAS almost run over!!! Anymore, I wouldn't trust those pachyderms any farther than I could throw them!