And I don't mean those cars that David Kennedy in Car Town sometimes talks about. These are the "mustang" horses and I have a special guest/expert scheduled for this Friday afternoon at 4:35 that has a lot in common with Betty White, Bob Barker, and Ellen DeGeneres. She's Marilyn Holdsworth from southern California, and Marilyn is a former horse owner and trainer, as well as a supporter of Horse Rescue and contributor to Wild Horse Preservation. Her new book, "Pegasus" is said to "captivate audiences with an eye-opening and adventurous tale of love and wild mustangs". Ms Holdsworth enjoys a lifelong commitment to horses and says she wrote the book because she is "deeply concerned about the exploitation and abuse of horses". She says he wanted to make people aware and gain their support in the fight against this maltreatment. Her book, "Pegasus", shines light on the issues of animal abuse and exploitation and Puffman listeners will have an opportunity to win this new novel right after Friday's interview. I've been accused of not having much "horse sense" before anyway...we'll have to see what develops Friday afternoon on the Puffman Show. As the bartender said to the horse when he walked into the bar, "why the LONG face"? (rim shot)