We'll be broadcasting two high school games on Friday night, two college games on Saturday, two NFL games on Sunday and then Monday night football. Lots of sports coming up! If you're like me (a Wolves fan), you'll be disappointed to hear that we are not going to Glasgow for the Cut Bank/Glasgow Football match-up! I figured out a way we can all listen though! Our friends at KLTZ of Glasgow will broadcast (and stream) the game. Just go to their WEBSITE scroll down a little and click on the "Online Streaming" to catch the game on line. Now, if you're a die-hard fan, you're going to need two radios (one tuned to AM 1150 and one tuned to 96.7fm) and your computer to catch all three High School Contests on Friday night. We'll cover Conrad at Fairfield on KSEN; Choteau at Shelby on KZIN and KLTZ will cover the Wolves at Glasgow. It just doesn't get any better!