It's "old news" this week but last week, a lot of us were shocked to hear that Blazers' Fresh Foods would be shutting their doors. The announcement came last Monday morning with Blazers announcing that all their items, with the exception of beer, wine, and cigarettes, would be going for 30% off until the inventory was gone. The "new news" is, that Wednesday, February 8th, that 30% off has been kicked up to 40% off. I was hoping their Sam Adams and "Face Plant" beer would be part of this deal but unfortunately, it's not...probably some kind of gooberment regulation or something. The Blazers, Steve and Ann, blazed into Shelby from Lewistown some 13 years ago. Steve has 35 years under his belt in the grocery biz and says "they have yet to determine their next move but they hope to find work here in Shelby". Toole County's low unemployment rate at 3.8% has meant that Blazers' hiring pool is smaller than normal. This, coupled with a combination of economic conditions, competitive pressure and equipment failures, has made it difficult for Blazers Fresh Foods to turn a profit. "Especially in the last 12 to 14 months" according to Steve. I think I speak for the community when I say that we will miss Steve and Ann, all their employees, and the friendly north side grocery store. They had the best steaks in town!