Clem Pellett didn't start out to be a private just ended up that way. Clem's grandfather was a Shelby cafe owner back in 1951 when he was murdered by Frank Dryman. Young Clem ended up becoming an oral surgeon out in the state of Washington while the devious Dryman confessed to the murder, was sentenced to the gallows, ended up went in the slammer for 14 years, got paroled & then disappeared for 4 decades. Thanks to Clem's relentless investigation efforts, Dryman's finally back in the Cross Bar Hotel after Clem caught up to him running a wedding chapel down in Vegas! This is a case of "what's go on in Vegas" doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas. It's a story & a half & Dr. Pellett (Clem) will be stopping by the Puffman Show this afternoon (Wednesday) at 2:30 to share this intriguing story. Dr. Pellett did a SRO (standing room only) presentation last night (Tuesday), "Montana Justice: A Remarkable True Story of Finding Justice and Affirmation of Family" at Providence Forum, University of Great Falls & this afternoon I'm more than looking forward to having Clem share the details of this "Dastardly" true life crime. I say "Dastardly" because that is the title of Dr. Pellett's new book, "Dastardly; The Story is Fiction...The Evil is Real." The book IS the real deal & it's available at:  By the way, the name of Dryman's wedding chapel was the "Cactus Rose Chapel" & there's a picture of it on the internet. The only chapel that's in Dryman's life these days is the church chapel down at the Lewistown infirmary (if they even have one!) where Dryman, now in his 80's, is serving the remainder of his life time prison sentence!