One of them was Nancy Cooper...she married the infamous Charlie Russell and I've found a fascinating book by Joan Stauffer from the University of Oklahoma Press that I'm currently reading Tuesday evenings at 6 at the Marias Heritage Center. Joan's tome is "Behind Every Man-The Story of Nancy Cooper Russell". Joan is an amazing woman herself...she has performed her one-woman stage presentation of the life & times of Nancy Cooper Russell more than 100 times before enthusiastic audiences across the country & now I get to read it at our "Montana History" reading Tuesdays evenings at the Heritage Center. I haven't had an opportunity to see Joan's stage show, but the book so far is truly fascinating...especially to us native Montanans. In fact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian William H. Goetzmann calls it a "splendid biography that tells the story of Charlie Russell the way it should be told". He says it's "an inspiring tribute to the nobility of 2 human spirits". Today is only Thursday and already, I'm looking forward to next Tuesday evening at the Marias Heritage Center to continue with this saga of the way it used to be & what it was like here in Montana. No wonder old Charlie called the "little woman" "the best booster & pardner a man ever had" next to a cold 6 pack. Just kidding, just kidding. See you next Tuesday evening at 6 for more "Montana History" reading at the Marias Heritage Center. I might mention there's some really neat black & white photos of Charlie, Nancy & company in the first 5 pages of the book. Check it out. It should be available at the C.M. Russell Museum down in Great Falls.