It's reminds me of the old Ventures song, "Walk Don't Run" that I spin on my Puffman radio show occasionally. It's the Shelby School District Safe Route to School Walking and Biking Program getting underway again this spring season this Wednesday (April 4th) at the Shelby Middle School, the Shelby Civic Center and the intersection of Sheridan and Oilfield Avenue. This is fun AND worthwhile program and we'll be giving details these coming weeks on both our AM (KSEN AM 1150) and K 96 FM (Wide Open Country). Shelby and the entire Hi Line are bustling with new spring and summer activity and I'm seeing our area come alive with new residents and a promising future, both not only in agriculture along with the MATL power line project and even additional workers on our nearby wind farms. Hopefully both our young students and area drivers will benefit from the school district's Safe Route to School Walking and Biking Program. I salute our community leaders for providing this important and fun program. Be safe!