Who's not talking about Penn State these days! This afternoon (Friday) at 4:35, I'll be talking with local Pittsburgh reporter Bob Dvorchak. Dvorchak's one of the author's of the most comprehensive book yet on the Penn State sex abuse scandal and he will be responding to yesterday's Fresh report. Bob's book is "Game Over" and it's the most comprehensive book on the Penn State snafu as he, along with reporter Bill Moushey went behind the headlines to expose the hierarchy of lies that enabled assistant coach Jerry Sandusky (Mr. Showers) to sexually abuse at-risk young boys for DECADES. "Game Over" shatters the pristine image of the "Happy Valley" culture of Penn State and reveals a cover-up more extensive and irresponsible than anyone imagined. A dozen former Penn State football players, 4 former assistant coaches, 5 members of the Penn State board of trustees and other alums were interviewed by these reporters. In fact, overall, they had 85 plus on-the-record interviews and they spent weeks in State College conducting those interviews, covering hearings and the events surrounding Joe Paterno's death. Bob Dvorchak who's joining me in the 4 o'clock hour this afternoon is a sports journalist with a career at the Associated Press and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The story-behind-the-story this afternoon at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. First caller in AFTER the interview will receive a free copy of the book from Harper Collins and KSEN. And here's what I want to know, at the Creamery (famous ice cream joint on the Penn State campus), will they take "Peachy Paterno" off their list of ice cream flavors?