What did pioneer women, frontier women, & homesteading women have in common? The answer will surprise you & we'll find out the answer this Friday afternoon when Helena author and my good friend, Lenore McKelvey Puhek blows in to the Dutton Public Library. Lenore has her Buick back on the road & she's paying a visit to Dutton on Friday afternoon to discuss what pioneer women, frontier women, & homesteading women share in common. I would assume complaining! Montana writer Puhek (it rhymes with Buick!) will be focus on 3 of her books on women that Montana's historians have overlooked. In her tomes, Power & politics, cultural & ethnic heroines come together, each contributing to building the foundations of our great State of Montana. I hope she loads the ol' Buick down with her books in the trunk & that there will be an opportunity to buy some Friday in Dutton. I'm sure there will be. All 3 are GREAT reads. Looking forward to having Lenore back up here in the Golden Triangle. She'll be joining me at 4:35 Monday afternoon on the Puffman Show. Let's give Lenore a BIG Golden Triangle Welcome this week!