I received word this morning (Friday), stating that Travelin' Todd, the custom cutter guy, has moved north of the border to Lethbridge & points west out on what is known as the Blood Indian Reserve. They cut some green field peas & are currently picking up wheat swaths. Todd says the crops are maturing late, on account of a rainy summer. The moisture there is about 11% & the yield is 45 plus. Todd hasn't talked with the producer yet as to what his thinking is on this being the 1st year of the Canadian producers without the Wheat Pool & the Wheat Board, which had customarily sold their wheat & only allow producers to market small amounts throughout the year. Todd claims that he had others producers that think they will have crops ready the 1st of the week & other harvesters are moved up north of the border also. He's going to have S & L Harvesting help him out as the crops are ready. I think that he should contact Gary Gollehon, east of Brady...Gary's not doing much these days since our "Let It Ride" card game/contest has ended for the season! Todd also talked with the Linnenbergs down at Denver & the crop insurance is going to make them harvest their drought-riddled corn & are wanting Todd to come south to harvest it. Todd says that he didn't have a corn head, but Linnenberg's said that the corn was so bad that they thought they could harvest it with straight-cut headers. He also talked to Kansas & Texas producers & the conditions are dry, dry, dry! He said that the corn for silage has also been harvested about 2 & 1/2 months early & that it was running about 4 ton to the acre, compared with a normal 25 ton per acre. Not much corn in the silage, just leaves. I hope this doesn't affect "corn dogs" in any way. They're one of my favorite things. I enjoy going out to the Dash & chomping down on a good ol' corn dog from time to time. I like mine with mustard on the side...how do you like yours? I'd like to hear from you. Feel free to contact me on my Puffman Blog.