I always thought that was the stupidest interview questions ever asked! Likewise, when I learned that Barbara Walters was FINALLY going to retire, I thought it was 50 years too late! But that's a subject for a future Puffman Blog. TODAY, I'm blogging about a worthwhile new read, "Like Tress GROW Together; A Spiritual Journey". The author is Clifford S. Coull & Clifford weaves a fascinating life story & spiritual Journey. This is Clifford's 2nd book, following up his "Are You Wearing a Barrel?, documenting the continuing accounts of visionary & verbal experiences of author Coull. Clifford was born, raised & educated in Montreal, Canada. After marrying, he relocated with his young family to the San Francisco Bay area of California. When his marriage ended in divorce, Clifford began to experience new phenomenon. The event triggered a period of spiritual growth resulting in an awaking of his psychic abilities. Visions & verbal communications began to occur to him. Unequipped, he had to learn how to deal with them. In "Like Trees Grow Together", you will read about his search for answers. Why me? Why now? His remarkable conclusions are the reason for his writings. I invite you to check out "Like Tress GROW Together: A Spiritual Journey" at your earlier convenience. It will open doors for you! And speaking of "doors", Barbara...don't let the door hit you on the way out!!