I think it was Dale Sheldon the last time he played "Let It Ride" on the Puffman Show! No worries...Conrad's Dale Sheldon has written his FIRST book & it's a wonderful read that's on sale locally AND nationwide on Amazon.com & at Barnes&Noble.com."Who Lost?" is the autobiography of a blind man with great vision. I know Dale personally & while he may have no sight, the man has GREAT insight! "Who Lost?" is the perfect gift for anyone dealing with a handicap or just needing some motivation. Dale will be joining me tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 4:30 on the Puffman Show to discuss this powerful read. The obvious difference between sculptor Dale Sheldon & other artists is that he is totally blind. In hindsight, he realizes that losing his eyesight just before his 4th birthday helped him see that raising a family & running a business in rural Montana is not for the faint of heart. My gosh, this man has had his auto repair shop for 30 years, served for 12 years as a county commissioner, became a Russian interpreter, & expressed himself as a sculptor & woodworkers. Parents will be emboldened by Dale's message to encourage rather than shield a child facing ANY type of handicap. Dale has driven a snow mobile at high speeds up a mountain & learned to water ski at his family reunion with nieces & nephews yelling from shore, "You can do it, Uncle Dale!" Dale should round up all nieces & nephews next time he tries his hand on "Let It Ride" on the Puffman Show! See you tomorrow (Friday) with Dale Sheldon. "Who Lost?" is available down at Creative Addictions in Conrad, Choteau Drug in Choteau, Fairfield Drug in Fairfield, Latigo & Lace in Augusta, & Snyder Drug in Great Falls. See you tomorrow with Dale Sheldon...no one will loseDale Sheldon's Who Lost on this deal!