No, no, NOT Obama & Romney...I'm blogging about the Gabby Cabby & the Puffman! It seems like there is a "debate" every time I talk with this driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge, Peter Franklin, the New York City cab driver. Pete will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:40 on the Puffman Show & Pete's fired up again (what else is new!) with NY City Mayor Bloomberg, NY City District Attorney Robert Johnson, the NY City Firefighters, the NY City Police Department, the NY City High School lunch program, & Michelle Obama to boot! This fellow must chew on nails for breakfast, forget the bagel & a schmear or whatever it is that he says. See you later this afternoon when I try to deal with this big city curmudgeon. Check out his wacky website: I think what they used to say about football coach, the late Rip Engle, applies to Pete..."the man's only happy when he's unhappy! Throw the man a smiley cookie!