Longtime Conrad resident, contest winner, & world famous author, Dale "Who Lost" Sheldon. will be doing a presentation AND program this evening (Friday) at 6 o'clock SHARP up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. We've all been enjoying Dale's 1st book, "Who Lost" (the autobiography of a blind man with great vision) during Montana History Tuesday evenings at the Heritage & tonight, we'll be hearing from the horse's mouth himself & I mean that in a nice way!. Dale is a real born & raised Montana gem & has led one of the most unique, interesting, off-the-wall lives I have ever come across & it doesn't stop here...now the man's run off, got married, & tossed his hat into the political arena! I think the ONLY thing that he hasn't done is to sign up for man's 1st voyage to Mars, & even that wouldn't surprise me! The public is invited to meet the Fearless & sometimes Dangerous Sheldon tonight up at the Heritage. "Who Lost" is available at area outlets along with Amazon & Barnes&Noble & I would suspect that Dale will have a ton of books in his trunk after tonight's presentation...even "autographed" copies. See you tonight at 6 at the Marias Heritage Center for "Sheldon Unplugged."