Willie Stargell (POPS) was more than just a home run slugging star: he was a hero to his legion of devoted fans. Playing his entire career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Stargell was a 7-time All-Star, 2-time World Series champion, 1979 World Series & National League MVP & was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame during his 1st year of eligibility in 1988. But his success on the field was just half the story. The new book that I'll be giving away tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia, details the story-behind-the story of the life & career of the man who gave everything to his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates, the Battling Bucs".. "Pops: The Willie Stargell Story" by Richard "Pete" Peterson is a touching biography of one of Major League Baseball's most revered & celebrated players in history. "Pops" begins with Stargell's difficult childhood & reveals the hatred Stargell encountered every day while playing in the Jim Crow south for the Pirate's minor league team. "Pops" shows how Stargell became one of the most hard-hitting & feared players in baseball. Peterson offers baseball fans a RARE look into the life of this dearly loved man who had a larger-than-life personality. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of Stargell's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, "Pops" is a moving tribute to the star-studded Pittsburgh Pirates...my favorite team in baseball! Check out "Pops" at: www.triumphbooks.com & then listen to WIN this hardcover must read tomorrow morning on Puffman Sports Trivia at 7:30. I'll be asking a sports trivia question about 'ol Pops tomorrow morning too. 1st caller in with the correct answers WINS the book!! See you in the morning for Puffman SPORTS Trivia!