The "Girl from the Gulches" is finally ready to tie the knot with Peter Ronan, & we'll be reading "The-Story-Behind-The-Story" this evening (Tuesday) during our Tuesday tonight "Montana History" up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby."Girl from the Gulches; The Story of Mary Ronan" as told to Margaret Ronan & edited by Ellen Baumler is a fascinating fun's like a modern day soap opera if you ask me! We're more than half way through this book & it gets better every week. Peter's been waiting years for young Mary because of their age difference & it looks to me like true love perseveres. We're looking forward to Molly's return to Montana as Peter's bride & her life on the Flathead Indian Reservation as the wife of an Indian agent. I'm still waiting to find out how Peter ended up having a town AND a lake named after him. He must have done something right! See you tonight at 6 in the sun room at the Heritage Center. If you can't be at Puffman's "Montana History" at the Heritage, check out the book from the Montana Historical Society Press in Helena at: It's a real page turner & an armchair visit back in time to our Treasure State's historical past.See you tonight at the Heritage for Montana History!