Mark Daniels was in Glacier County this morning to attend a commission hearing regarding Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs – he filed this report by phone:

In nearly every case, agency heads said they had either not received the reports, not received disbursements, or reports and payments were late and/or incorrect. Among the most glaring reports from the Cut Bank School District, who said their reports were averaging 108 days late. Numerous reports were incorrect and still there had been no cash reports for the past five months. Scott Laird, the school district clerk also dropped somewhat of a bombshell on the audience that was there and the commissioners, saying that he had received a three million, nine hundred forty two thousand dollar check just yesterday. He said the total levies for the school district are only $3.44 million “this can’t be correct” in his words. He noted that he’s not sure whose money that is, but it’s not the school district’s. He said he’s been the school district clerk for 25 years and the first 24 there were no problems. In the past year, he’s had to go to the commission meetings and deal with this almost every month and has been to the commission hearings for five months, having not been to one in the past 25 years.

The hearing will continue this afternoon; they had adjourned until 1:30 and this afternoon, part of the agenda is to discuss a resolution which would, if they pass it, would be to direct County Attorney, Carolyn Berkram to institute a suit on behalf of the board of commissioners against Treasurer, Mary Ann Boggs. We’ll update you further as more information becomes available.


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