(Cut Bank) – Glacier County commissioners have once again tabled taking any action on suspending Glacier County treasurer Mary Ann Boggs. Commission chairman Michael DesRosier tells KSEN news that the issue was discussed at a meeting yesterday but in the end he said the commissioners felt it was better to not “usurp the voters,” who are in the process of voting on whether to recall Boggs.   The recall vote will be finalized on May 3rd and DesRosier says, depending on the outcome, the commissioners will re-visit the issue at their meeting on May 5th. DesRosier says the commissioners also had questions on how long the suspension would be for. The request for suspension comes after commissioners agreed with county attorney Carolyn Berkram on 66 specific violations that Boggs has committed since taking office in November 2014. Voters in Glacier County who signed a recall petition say Boggs is incompetent and has committed official misconduct by failing to discharge the duties of the Treasurer’s office. The petition also alleges that Boggs failed to submit a single cash report since taking office and failed to submit revenue reports to Glacier County school districts.


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