Mark Daniels made the trip to Cut Bank this morning to observe the recount of ballots for Glacier County Commissioner. The primary ballots, when originally counted showed challenger, Jamie Evans, leading incumbent Michael DesRosier by 42 votes. There were provisional ballots, which, after they were counted, showed Michael DesRosier leading by 3 votes. The recount was scheduled for this morning at 10am at the Cut Bank Voting Center. However, there was another issue that came to light this morning - Mark Daniels called in the report above.

The issue apparently arose from the appointment of Galen Galbreath to the recount committee. The three member committee could not include Michael DesRosier because of the obvious conflict of interest. According to Glacier County Attorney, Carolyn Berkram, the appointment was not official because it was not on the agenda. Thus Galbreath was not a member of the recount committee and thus the recount could not continue. The commissioners will meet on Monday, presumably to appoint Galbreath officially. The recount has been rescheduled for next Wednesday.



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