Mark Daniels brought you this story on the 15th of January:

(CUT BANK) – Glacier County Clerk and Recorder Glenda hall says a formal plan is in place to hold a recall election aimed at Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs. Hall Told KSEN / K96 News that the county will send out 43-hundred ballots by mail beginning March 9TH and the election will be held March 29TH. It will be a simple ballot with the option of either for or against recalling Boggs and will include the reasons for the petition by Elaine Mitchell and a statement by Boggs as to why she should not be forced to resign.

The statement by Boggs has now been released and in simple terms is a five step outline as to how she says she has upheld the duties of the office according to state statutes in regard to handling revenue, receipting and disbursing funds, submitting cash reports, submitting public record requests and receipting and forwarding revenue to the appropriate school districts Boggs has been widely accused of not keeping up with cash reports, balance sheets, revenue disbursements and more. The county has already paid substantial sums to hire help for Boggs to catch up.    Meanwhile, on the opening day for filing…….Hall reported that Clerk of District Court, Janine Scott and Glacier County commission chairman Mike DesRosier has filed to run for re-election in commission district 3.

He then added this yesterday:

(CUT BANK) – Glacier County Commissioners have directed Glacier County Attorney Carolyn Berkram to proceed with legal steps to determine if Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs should be removed from office. This is an action in addition to the recall petition currently pending against Boggs.

The commission will hold a public meeting next Thursday 28th, at 10 am to determine whether or not Boggs has failed to meet the requirements of her job according to state statutes.


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