As we're sure you've  heard by now, the recall petition in Glacier County against Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs was successful. So, now what happens?

Well, we've done a little research and here's what we found. #1 the election results are "unofficial" until the canvassing which, in this case will take place on May 10th.

According to the MCA

The officer named in the recall petition continues in office until the officer resigns or the results of the recall election are officially declared. If a majority of those voting on the question vote to remove the officer, the office becomes vacant and the vacancy must be filled as provided by law. However, the officer recalled may not be appointed to fill the vacancy.

Once the canvas of the election is complete - A successful recall creates a vacancy in the elected position and the county commissioners must appoint someone to fill out the term. So, the job of deciding who will fill the vacancy will be left to the Glacier County commissioners.

Stay tuned!

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