I'm giving away the new Derek Jeter book (released August 26th by Harper) tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia & it's a winner! To celebrate the career of one of America's most beloved athletes, the New York Post presents "Derek Jeter: Born To Be A Yankee", a commemorative book. The book comes out as Jeter is retiring at the end of the 2014 season as the Yankee's all-time career leader in hits, games played, stolen bases, & at bats, & the MLB all-time leader in hits by a shortstop. In a special introduction, Yankee great Don Mattingly reflects on why Jeter is, in his mind, "the greatest Yankee ever," paying tribute to his upbringing, consistency in his character, & love for the game. The book's editor, R.D. Rosen has edited many sports books for ESPN Books & Workman Publishing. He's the author of more than a dozen books, & I"m the Puffman & my middle name IS "Sports." See you tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. A "Sports Salute" to our northern neighbors tomorrow morning...I've come up with a "Canadian" sports trivia question for tomorrow's trivia contest!