You could have knocked me over with a feather this morning when I reported for duty at our KSEN/K 96 studios. I perused our weekend sports schedule and noted that our sports play-by-play man was going to...I thought...COLORADO(!) for a football play-by-play broadcast this evening. The schedule listed sportscaster Gary Goodan broadcasting a football game from Boulder. I raced to the master control room where Gary was doing his midday "Good as Gold" radio broadcast and yelled out to him, "how are you going to make it all the way to Boulder, Colorado in time for tonight's scheduled 6:45 airtime broadcast. It's 10:39 in the morning right now". It was then that Gary informed me that the game was in Boulder, MONTANA, not Boulder, Colorado. Then, it all made sense to me. Things came into focus. Whew! We would be broadcasting the Shelby Coyotes playing in Boulder on our AM station this evening while our FM facility would be broadcasting the Browning Indians playing over in Libby. Both games are scheduled to hit the airwaves at 6:45 tonight and I'll be trying to listen in to both. My moneys and predictions are on both Shelby and Browning to walk away winners in this evening's action. Our sports coverage doesn't end tonight either. Tomorrow (Saturday), we'll broadcast our first Griz game of the season when the University of Montana plays Tennessee. I like the Bobcats and all of that, but I guess I am more of a Griz fan and of course I'll be tuned in tomorrow afternoon for our 3:30 broadcast on K96 FM. Most of you know that my middle name is "Sports" and while I don't know a whole lot about geography, I know that the combined sports coverage we do on KSEN/K 96 can't be beat anywhere in the state or, for that matter, in the mountain west. We are also keeping volleyball fans up to date with scores from the 29th annual Chinook Invitational Varsity Power Volleyball Tournament going on today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). Here's the Puffman wishing you all a GREAT Labor Day weekend! Enjoy our sports and allow me to study my map!