The Glacier County Combined Fund Drive will kick off their annual campaign this evening at 7pm in the Glacier Electric Conference room. According to the Cut Bank Pioneer Press:

“The community has been very generous in the past and we hope this will continue,” said co-chairperson Shelley Larson. “Many of these organizations count on the money collected to continue their programs.  Please consider donating to this cause,” she added.

This is the fifth year the donation cards are being mailed versus hand-delivering them door-to-door. It is the third year the fund drive has been held in the spring, instead of the fall.

“I think the mailing doesn’t put people on the spot and they appreciate that,” said Larson, who is co-chairing the fund drive with Larry Epstein again this year.

It's easy to help out a myriad of local groups with a simple donation to the Glacier County Combined Fund Drive.  Check out the Pioneer Press to get all the details.

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